Event Rentals

Pictured is not the exact representation of packages. Décor is based on availability.


The Lounge

$75/ Hour 

$100 Set-up and Breakdown


  • Inflatable Couch

  • Floor Pillows
  • 2 Side tables
  • 2 – 6ft Low Picnic/Coffee Tables
  • Decor
  • Indoor & Outdoor rugs
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting (If Necessary)
  • Queen Chaise
  • 2 Throw Blankets

Additional Seating/Pillows: TBD Inquire


Overnight Slumber Party Package

Take the basic components of The Fern package and add all the extras you want! Complete with lots of additional boojey decor, vino add-ons, gourmet snacks, and upgraded lighting!

We can make anything custom, to make your experience the most unique for you!

Pictured is not the exact representation of packages. Décor is based on availability.

$400/ 1 Night for 4 People 

Includes Set-up & Breakdown

$50/Ea. Addiotional Person (Max 6)

  • 2 Queen Mattress and Bed Frames (4 People)
  • Plush Comforter, Pillows and Blankets
  • 6 Inflatable Twin Mattresses on the Floor (6 People)
  • 6 ft Low Picnic Table
  • 4-6 Floor Pillows
  • Interior Rugs
  • Luxe Decor
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
  • End Tables/Nightstands
  • Outdoor Seating


  • Inflatable Loveseat: $30
  • Battery Generator: $25
  • Coffee/Wine Kit: $25 ($45 for both)
  • Firepit Package: $30 (firepit, wood, starter, enchanted flame)
  • Outdoor Picnic Set-up: $50 (6ft table, 4-6 floor pillows, tablescape)
  • Smore Kit: $15
  • Outdoor Grill: $20


Additional Twin Mattress: $50

Ready to Plan a Custom Pop-Up Girl’s Night Event?

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Pop-Up Picnic

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